What is OREDA ?

  • A project organization with between 7-11 oil and gas companies as members that has been running for more than 35 years.
  • A comprehensive databank of reliability data collected on Topside (and Subsea) equipment from offshore and onshore operations in the North Sea, GOM, WOS, Angola, Adriatic, Caspian, etc.
  • A forum for exchange and development of reliability methods and know-how within the oil and gas industry, production of ISO Standards and API.
  • The cradle of ISO 14224, ISO 20815 and ISO TR 12489.
  • For non-members it is a handbook with selected data (last edition published in 2015) on an access to OREDA@Cloud, the new digital release from OREDA.


For more information about the OREDA JIP, see more details.